The Concourse Investment Approach

Our philosophy at Concourse Capital is to find opportunities with small, growing companies, where we can form an effective partnership with management. As part of this approach, we believe the following:

Flexibility. Every investment plan and structure is unique. A growth plan for one company will usually not work for another.

Management. The most important factor for the success of a small company is an enthusiastic and dedicated management team. We are looking to work with management teams that are excited about their business and share a willingness to grow.

Culture. The culture of any company is unique. In general, we seek to continue the core values that existed before our investment.

Partnership. The partnership between management and Concourse is critical. We are not investors who write a check and walk away. We want to work closely with management and seek to find management teams that also desire this type of relationship.

Communication. At Concourse, we strive to maintain active lines of communication. This facilitates the exchange of ideas, experiences and sharing of resources.